August Setup – Bullet Journal 2021 | Video

Our Bullet Journaling adventure continues in August! Summer is here and with it everything changes, even the bullet journal. Being more organized, it's really helping my relationship with God. I can only hope that this adventure can help and encourage you to start Bullet Journaling with me =) A nossa aventura de Bullet Journaling continua... Continue Reading →

Faith Forged by Fire | Video

Do we need Faith in the days that we are living in? Is faith really that important? If so, how can we have a better and stronger faith? In this small video we analyze a small Bible story and how can we relate faith to a sword in our daily lives. Precisamos nós de fé... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Bible Fathers | Video

The Bible is full of amazing fathers and on this Father's Day, we decided to pick our favorites. Did you ever wonder who was the best father in the Bible? With a book full of amazing people surely there were great fathers, right? This video is about my Top seven fathers in the Bible, it... Continue Reading →

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