Creative Christmas Tree

We are already creating a Christmas Spirit in our new home in Sagunto, Spain. This year I wanted to do something creative and different but is when you have a REALLY small space that your creativity is challenged. Nós já estamos a criar um espírito natalício na nossa nova casa em Sagunto, Espanha. Este ano... Continue Reading →

2 years of Mission in 5 minutes |Video

First video in Spanish! You will listen to our experience as missionaries in just 5 minutes. We passed through Palau and Egypt, completely opposite realities and cultures, and also different from our own culture.Years that made us grow as people and even more as God servants. Someone asked us to make this video for the... Continue Reading →

Shepherd for a day |Video

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be a Shepherd for one day. Ohh how much I learned! Do you know what is the most important thing in this profession? Well, I learned it with a real Shepherd and personally experienced it too. I'm studying Theology and that sometimes means to become a "Pastor"... Continue Reading →

Our Wedding | Video

The day of our wedding was a really special day for us. The beginning of our life together with the blessing of our God! A day of victory, against all odds, after a long story of encounters and reencounters. Our God is loving and patient and in our long story, we can see that. He... Continue Reading →

Our love story | Video

Our love story was written by God. He was the one that made us met and that patiently reconnected us time after time. A long story with two people that made wrong decisions but that, somehow, when they returned to God always returned also to each other. Know all about the difficulties and the blessing!... Continue Reading →

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