Farming 1.0

Well, has you guys know, we have been engaged in our new agriCULTURE project nut unfortunately haven’t been giving a lot of information about it. We started this project because we are now living in a country house with a lot of terrain that once was used for agriculture. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been clean in... Continue Reading →

Where do you stand?

Today I would like to ask you where do you stand? Of course, that it’s not where do you stand “literally” 😛 but rather where do you stand mentally and spiritually. What is the thing or person that you rely on for strength and comfort? I asked this question to myself and I found that... Continue Reading →

What Are You Living For?

Hi everyone, Olá a todos, So, if you don’t already know, my name is Tiago Albino and this is going to be my first post on this blog. My wife and I started this project a few years ago with a bigger goal. A goal that, because life is complicated, got placed in a low... Continue Reading →

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